Appvalley Download

Appvalley download for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows PC.

Appvalley download is usefull for your Apple iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch models. This application is using hundreds of users around the world, You can download this application online for your device. This mobile based web application included most Cydia applications, Most of these applications can download free for your device. Appvalley VIP version included additional features for you, You can download Free and VIP versions from following direct download links.

AppValley download


 AppValley  iOS

Appvalley VIP 

Appvalley APK 


AppValley Support Devices and Requirements

  • This application support Ios 3+ running any iPhone,iPad,iPod
  • Apple Safari browser to install Appvalley

AppValley features

  • Third party apps ready to install without jailbreaking
  • Install apps without risk
  • No PC need to install this application
  • VIP version ready to install with favorable amount

How to install AppValley for your Device

  • Tap above direct download link to install free/VIP version
  • Tap Allow to commence installation process
  • Wait until end of AppValley installation process
  • Perhaps you will need to verify application after installation completed. Follow this path to verify it Settings > General > Profile & Device Management > Tap application > Tap Trust
  • Now you can see Appvalley is fine with your device.
  • Download and install third party apps & enjoy now..


How to uninstall Appvalley

This application uninstall process can do easily for users. Follow this path to remove it from your device.

Settings > General > Profile & Device Management > Tap Appvalley > Delete App

Now this application will gone from your device completely.


Appvalley Update and Errors

You can touch with our website to download latest version in this application. Perhaps Appvalley application will not function properly with your device. Please remove previous version completely from your device before install new version for your device. This application installation will not function properly without Safari browser.

If any question regarding Appvalley application, Better to contact to find your solution.